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Defective Claims and/or Repairs



Defective products are repaired and/or exchanged at the sole discretion of SPAUN electronic Germany within the warranty period free of charge. 

All repairs are performed in Germany at the manufacturer SPAUN electronic.  Any service repair that includes damage caused by main overvoltage, moisture, miss-use or abuse of product, or a non-professional repair attempt VOIDS your warranty and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and the cost of your repair. A repair cost estimate will be provided prior to the repair.

Service procedure

Please contact Tech@VividClearSolutions.com to receive the required error questioner form that will accompany your product to be repaired in Germany and we will do the rest. 

SPAUN/Germany's service department always tries to manage repairs within five working-days, after receipt.  Some repairs require more time do to missing or inaccurate error descriptions or more complex trouble-shooting is required.