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Spaun SBK9965NF - Power Class - Launch Amplifier

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The SBK9965NF can be a launch amplifier or post amplifier depending on your need in your satellite distribution system application.  This component features forward path CATV Terrestrial amplifier with pre-emphasis and Push/Pull technology
Spaun SBK9965NF - Launch and post amplifier for cascading with SMK 99xx Fx.


  • Synchronous level adjuster for each SAT IF system.
  • Selective standby function:  If all subscribers watch TV programs of SAT system A, only the appropriate LNB is supplied with power. The internal logic turns off the power supply of all other LNBs as well as of the integrated amplifiers.
  • This process results in significant energy- savings.


  • Forward path: Terrestrial amplifier with pre-emphasis
  • Return path: Selectable: off, passive, active. Gain selectable: 20, 15, 10 or 5 dB.
  • CATV
  • Push/Pull technology
  • Level adjuster range: 0 … -15 dB


    • The device is equipped with a switched- mode power supply.

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