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Spaun-SMK55163FA-Multiswitch-Cascadable-with-Active Terrestrial-Vivid-clear-solutions

Spaun SMK55163FA - Cascadable Active Terrestrial Multiswitch

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SPAUN SMK55163FA - 5 Input 16 Subscriber

Also available in  8, 12 or 24 Subscriber (Click TechSheet Below for Details)

  • SAT IF signals
  • Terrestrial (85 … 862 MHz) signals
  • Return path (5 … 65 MHz) passive.
  • The SAT IF polarity selection is controlled by remote voltage, < 14 V /> 16 V Hor.  and the 22 kHz tone provided by the receiver.
  • This device has a DC jack for remote power, if the launch amplifier will not provide remote power voltage.
  • LED operation
  • Stand Alone capable
  • The supply  of  the  active  terrestrial  is  possible  via trunk line 0 (18 V / 90 mA), from the launch amplifier or the optional wall power supply (SNG18 /1000) also available at

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