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Spaun SMS17089NF - Launch Amplifier 17 In 8 Subscriber

Spaun SMS17089NF - Launch Amplifier 17 In 8 Subscriber

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The SMS17089NF has multiple functions it can be used as stand alone switch for 8 subscribers; for cascading with SMK 17xx9 F(A); as post amplifier or to terminate a cascadable system.

Spaun SMS17089NF - Premium Class - Launch Amplifier 17 In 8 subscriber


  • Synchronous level adjuster for each SAT IF
  • LNB supply voltage selectable for the use of Quattro or QUAD
  • Selective standby function: If all subscribers watch TV programs of SAT system A only the appropriate LNB is supplied with power. The internal logic turns off the power supply of all other LNB's as well as for the integrated amplifiers.


  • The terrestrial input is passive and return path compatible with the possibility of an 18 V (250 mA) remote power on terrestrial trunk line for an external amplifier.


  • The device is equipped with a switched- mode power

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