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Spaun SMS51603NF - Compact Multiswitch with Active Terrestrial - 5 In 16 Out

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The Spaun SMS5163NF is now the SMS51606NF Compact Multiswitch for satellite distribution networks.  It's selectable for Quattro or QUAD LNB with a compatible forward path for CATV - 5 Input for 16 Subscribers

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  • The SAT IF amplifiers assure high output levels.
  • Synchronous level adjuster for Low- and High- Band (0 … - 12dB).
  • The multiswitch supports standby mode. Both the SAT IF amplifier, as well as the remote power supply of the LNB are only active if at least one receiver provides a supply voltage to its multiswitch outlet. 


  • The multiswitches of the premium series have a passive return path for interactive applications (triple play) and additionally offer a CATV - compatible forward path with a push/pull output stage.
  • Level adjuster (0 … -12 dB) for the terrestrial forward path.


  • The device is equipped with a switched- mode power supply.


Also available in 6, 8, 12 or 24 Subscriber  (Click part number below to move to product)

SMS5603NF - 6 Subscriber

SMS5803NF - 8 Subscriber

SMS51203NF - 12 Subscriber

SMS52403NF - 24 Subscriber

Condition: New - Genuine Spaun Parts   

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